Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sweetheart Sessions!

I am loving Meaghan Cook Photography Boutique, their use of natural light and love of colour make for really beautiful, timeless & artistic images.
And another reason why this photography boutique has caught my eye is their fabulous 'Sweetheart Sessions'. Quite popular at the moment, and for good reason, the engagement session is a wonderful way for a couple to get to know their wedding photographer, and become comfortable in front of the camera, which helps for more relaxed and natural photos on the wedding day.

As the principal photographer of Meaghan Cook Photography Boutique, Meaghan feels so stronlgy about the value of having an engagement session she offers them complimentary when a couple book their wedding photography with her. The 'Sweetheart Sessions' images are priceless memories of a truly special and unique time in a couples relationship.

Thank you Meaghan Cook Photography Boutique for sharing just some your gorgeous Sweetheart Sessions with us, we look forward to featuring some of your weddings very soon.

Meaghan Cook Photography Boutique is located in Geelong and surrounding regions, as well as Shepperton and Launceston-Tasmania.


  1. Gorgeous!

    Love Meaghan's style

  2. Some really beautiful images . . . thanks for sharing