Monday, May 31, 2010

A sweet spectacle.

One of our lovely readers and a fellow Aussie Blogger, Pip A La Chic posed the question of whether she should wear her glasses on her wedding day. My personal opinion is what ever makes you feel the most comfortable and beautiful on the day is right for you. Many brides decide not to wear their glasses for the ceremony and photos, then pop them on for the reception. Personally; if contacts were not an option, then I wouldn't go without my glasses.  I  would want be able to be able to see my partner clearly, especially when we exchange our vows. If you wear your glasses all the time, then why wouldn't you wear them on your wedding day? They are an extension of you, and your style.

Here are some gorgeous brides who chose to be themselves entirely on their wedding day, and look totally stunning. You may notice too, they all wear quite bold frames, I love this. 
I love how this bride chose accessories to compliment her black frames, very cool yet elegant.

Of course we couldn't go without showing the delightful singer Lisa Loeb on her wedding day in 2009. Lisa has actually launched her own  collection of eye wear modelled on the iconic style of frames she is known for.  
So dear Pip, I hope this helps inspire you, and do what makes you feel the most beautiful for your wedding day. Be true to yourself.


  1. I'm getting married in July, and will definitely be wearing my glasses. I don't wear contacts, and cannot see the point of buying them for one day. And I certainly can't see without them!! I was toying with getting new frames that are less bold than the ones I have now, but seeing these photos has inspired me to keep the ones I have!!! Thanks!

  2. Awww thanks so much for this post!!! My partner has said to me that in years to come I will look back and might regret wearing glasses as they frames will outdate. Yes, this is true but that's fashion. I tried contacts last year but I didn't really have a good go, so I'll try again and wear contacts every now and then. But so far I will wear my glasses, I have 18 months to make up my mind. Or might wear contacts for the ceremony then recpetion put my old faithful's on! But thanks again for this post, and really it's up to me. My partner loves me with or without glasses so it shouldn't matter as long as I am comfrotable.

  3. Great post :) My fiance was worried about wearing his glasses for our engagement photos and I said "Of COURSE! You wouldn't look like you without them." These are cute examples of brides who totally rock their glasses :)