Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day, A Celebration of Love through Flowers


The origins of Valentine’s Day are steeped in history, with many popular symbols surviving from days gone by; Cupids, Doves, Crimson Red Colours, Hearts pierced by Arrows, Cherubs and Red Roses. So whether it be from the days of the Roman Empire or the romantic Gothic Times, the world’s notion of idealised love has given us one of the most romantic days of the year – Valentine’s Day.

In the Victorian era, Valentine's Day was celebrated with the giving of "Tussie Mussies" - posies of flowers that held a hidden message and were decoded through the “the secret language of flowers” - the meaning given to specific flower varieties and colours. A luxurious red rose, a simple Summer dandelion or a collection of lavender and herbs all provided a different meaning intended for one’s Valentine and are a charming custom even today.

Some flowers decoded are:
Yellow Acacia - Secret Love   
Globe Amaranth - Unfading Love
Bluebell - Consistency
Pink Carnation - Woman’s Love
Red Chrysanthemum - I Love You
Dandelion - Love’s Oracle
Forget Me Not - True Love
Rose - Love
Strawberry Tree - Esteem and Love
Red Tulip - Declaration of Love

The modern Valentine’s Day holds an interesting statistic as being one of the most popular days for wedding proposals - the second most popular being Christmas Day.  It is also becoming more popular as a wedding date, with themes often including the Valentine red or perhaps a more vintage and demure selection of antique pastels and muted tones.

You don’t have to keep to modern traditions of “red” for the day.  Aside from the traditional Valentine’s red rose, for which you are charged a premium, you can also choose from many seasonal, locally-produced bouquets and floral themes that can be even more exquisite. Why not consider berries, grasses, fragrant flowers and textured foliage to ensure your gift this Valentine’s Day is unique, sentimental and definitively gorgeous!?

A big thank you goes out to Sandy from Blumin for helping us out with this info!

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