Friday, April 1, 2011

Boutique Wedding Market Wrap Up by Sarah Gawthorne of Bride To Be

Portobello Bride was so privileged to have Bride To Be Magazine as one of our wonderful sponsors for last weekend's Boutique Wedding Market. Editor Sarah Gawthorne came along and spent time with brides and vendors throughout the market and is kindly sharing her experience of the weekend with us today:

[image ©The White Tree]

When I first met with Kim Billing late last year to talk about a “little project” she was working on called the Portobello Bride Boutique Wedding Market, I was struck so much by her passion and vision for the concept she was working on. Last weekend, I had the pleasure of being in Melbourne to witness that concept come together. I’m not someone who is often left speechless, but…. WOW! This was no little project, this was a sight to be seen. And really, I cannot compare it to anything else in the wedding business, because there’s just nothing else like it. That’s what Kim wanted to achieve, and she did… For those of you that didn’t have a chance to see the market, I encourage you to check the beautiful images here on Portobello’s blog. They look gorgeous, and they barely do it justice.

Bride to Be magazine sponsored the market’s lounge - a place to come, sit down, chill out, read some of our magazines, and rest before the Bridal Salon show, or have a coffee from Ed Dixon Food Design. Because of this, I got a chance to talk to many brides (there were a lot of you there, which was fabulous to see) and wedding suppliers over the weekend. Most importantly for me, as a national magazine, getting down to Melbourne and being able to really get a feeling for both the local wedding businesses and all of the brides in their planning phase was invaluable.

Funnily enough, the F1 was happening in Melbourne the same weekend, and despite the fact I was staying in a hotel sponsoring one of the teams, it really seemed like a non-event in comparison to the buzz at St Kilda Town Hall.

I can honestly say, given that Kim hand-picked the stall holders, they really were all fabulous, but here are a few of my favourites:

Fenton and Fenton – stunning furniture, art and home pieces to put on your wish-list for guests.
Sweet! Cupcakes and Treats – their display had most beautiful multi-coloured meringues I have ever seen.
Prop.d – prop hire and wedding styling. These guys are very cool and obviously great at what they do.
Amaline Vitale – I fell in love with one of her dresses last time I was in Melbourne, and this time I fell in love with a few more!
e.g.etal – amazing and unique jewellery pieces, that you MUST check out.
The Bridal Salon – last but not least, the Bridal Salon, which Portobello Bride styled. Amaline’s gowns were showcased, as were Sarah Janks and the amazing Luisa Beccaria. (I am in love with Luisa, now. Divine!)

I’ve been at Bride to Be magazine for nearly ten months now and I’m so very proud of what my team do at the magazine. I’m also very proud to have been associated with Portobello Bride Boutique Wedding Market.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Sydney later in the year!


  1. Thank you Sarah for taking the time to share your thoughts with our lovely readers. I am so glad you enjoyed the market, and I loved sharing it with you. xKim

  2. So glad it went well! The wedding industry is so ready for an event like this! Looking forward to seeing it come to life in Sydney!

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  4. Amanda @ Portobello BrideApril 11, 2011 at 5:54 PM

    Thanks for your comments ladies! We are excited about the Sydney event too and will be announcing more details soon!