Monday, May 16, 2011

Beautiful and Unique Flowers by Blumin

Have you every wondered what it must be like to plan a wedding which is to be held in a different country to that which you currently reside in? Well, this is the challenge that faced Canadian Rebecca as she planned her Melbourne wedding to Fiance Paul. Of course the Internet became an invaluable tool, and when it came to planning the flowers for her big day Rebecca found one of our favourites, Blumin in our Boutique Wedding Guide.

When Sandy rang me to tell me a Bride-to-Be in Canada found her through our website, I was thrilled. We love hearing from our members about weddings they are part of through being listed on Portobello, so it  was very exciting for us at Portobello and the ladies at Blumin to hear from a couple overseas.

Sandy and the team's initial brief was: “We are hoping to achieve a rustic but classic style for our outdoor garden wedding and would like the flowers to reflect this. We would also like to keep to seasonal flowers grown locally wherever possible and noticed this is something you do!". The rest of the arrangements were handled over the internet and by phone. Then, in March the big day arrived. Here are some gorgeous photos by Njoy The Moment of the celebration.

“Echinacea flower heads” were used as they were always in bloom when Rebecca visited Melbourne from Canada. Raspberry coloured Dahlias and Blackberries were a key theme, and the use of old fashioned mason-type glass vases for the outdoor setting.

Rebecca and Paul were delighted with their flowers on the day. It might be daunting organising a wedding away from home, but the key is to find a suppier who understands the theme and styling you are after and to leave it in their capable hands! The Portobello Bride Boutique Wedding Guide is a great place to begin your search for a quality and unique suppliers if we do say so ourselves!

Thanks to Sandy from Blumin for sharing this great story with us and to Njoy The Moment for sharing the gorgeous images.

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