Monday, May 2, 2011

Lady Day and It's Beautiful Here Collaboration Photoshoot

We are excited to share a photo shoot with you today which was a collaboration between two wonderful wedding suppliers who are associated with Portobello Bride. The photography is by It's Beautiful Here, a Boutique Wedding Guide Member and the hair and make up is by Lady Day, who exhibited at the Boutique Wedding Market in Melbourne in March.

Here's what Scout of It's Beautiful Here had to say about the experience:
We kinda got our 80's on, our model eerily channeling icons she had never heard of, from Isabella Rossellini to Kate Bush!
It was a lot of fun and interesting to see the results of a shoot using available light and a homely location. bridal portraits will never be the same!
It was such a great realisation that whilst we shoot weddings in a documentary style, and we love that, its also truly possible to achieve really beautiful portraiture as well. All in the home, all with available light.

We chose the location for this shoot to be in my bedroom as the ceilings are high and the light is amazing. We ended up shooting in almost every room of the apartment and also in the lift and on the rooftop. I loved that our model was able to transform from look to look and that we were overwhelmed with ideas and options as the day progressed. The whole team were so pleased with the unexpected results of our spontaneous experiments. There are so many great, modern ways to shoot bridal and draw inspiration from sources outside the box. - Dana from Lady Day


Ethereal and gorgeous!

80s glam!

Dresses: Vintage and borrowed or owned by Lady Day / It's Beautiful Here.
Hair Accessories: Elysian Creations
Makeup: Dana Leviston at Lady Day
Hair: Poppy Liu at Lady Day
Photography: Scout and Cat from It's Beautiful Here

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