Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Boutique Wedding Guide Introduces...Fleurage

We feel really lucky to have Fleurage as a member of The Boutique Wedding Guide. This beautiful perfumery was one of the reasons I began Portobello Bride. I came across their previous boutique, which was housed in the most quaint art deco building nestled amongst beautiful apartments in the heart of South Yarra, and I knew I had to find a way to connect brides and fellow industry members with special and unique businesses like Fleurage .
Emma Leah is the stylish perfumer behind Fleurage, with her unique style and her passion for producing natural perfumes using only botanical ingredients; Emma ensures every client a luxurious and indulgent experience when choosing or creating a perfume for them.

I met Emma and her partner Robert in October at their fabulous new premises off Chapel Street Prahran. They blew me away with their passion and experience in perfume and scent.

The philosophy behind Fleurage is the "creation of a beautiful life", which they provide through every one of their natural perfumes, lotions, creams and pampering bathing range, which are the foundation of your scent layering ritual.
The Fleurage packaging is reminiscent of the Art Deco era. Every product is packaged to communicate the values of quality and beauty a hollywood actress would have expected in the glamorous 1940's.
Fleurage are famous the world over for their specialised perfume making, which you can experience yourself by visiting their online store, the perfumery, or even better, one of their workshops. The perfect event for your bridal party, your girlfriends can create the perfume you wear on your wedding day, or like a couple are doing at the moment, you and your fiancee could create your own scent for each other. I couldn't think of anything more special than having a couture scent made for your wedding day.

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  1. Fleurage, does have really nice perfume there. They have many other cool things though. Thanks for sharing.