Monday, April 19, 2010

Holga Wedding Photography

Casandra Anguita Deep is the lady behind the lens at Caspix Photography. I have always loved her photographic style, which is why we invited her to be part of the Boutique Wedding Guide. Casandra's contemporary artistic approach to photography has just got even better with Caspix incorporating the art and romance of film photography by offering Holga sessions as part of her wedding photography.

"Sometimes in the dawn of digital, I feel that a little of the art of photography has been lost and film reminds me of a time that is gentle, whimsical and so elegant.” 

 Casandra sent through some of her Holga images from a recent wedding which is simply gorgeous.
"Susan, the bride is a huge fan of lomography and has a diana camera herself so it was so much fun to collaborate a film shoot on the day. Lomography is shooting with a cheap, plastic toy camera and is known for its dreamlike romance, optical distortion and saturated colours. It also has exaggerated vignetting, random streaks from light leaking across the film and unpredictable outcomes... Which is the greatest thing about it and makes the whole process so interesting, as you never really know what you are going to get. It is about looking through the viewfinder and letting the holga capture it’s own vision in a way." 

Click to view bigger. 

I think this a lovely addition to wedding photography. The romantic quality to the images is so sweet and timeless. It would be very appealing to the creative couple that are looking for something different and artistic without it becoming cheesy and out of date when they, or their kids look back at their wedding photos in years to come. 

We look forward to sharing some more recent weddings from Caspix Photography in the next few weeks. 

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