Saturday, May 22, 2010

Guest Editor: Dizzy Wizzy Stationery Design

How to write the perfect thank you note.
By Natalie Sullivan of Dizzy Wizzy Stationery Design

Writing the perfect thank you note is as easy as being yourself; keep it light and fun and follow these simple guidelines.

When sending thank you notes, the most important thing is to be timely.

When to Send....
  • Send a thank you note whenever you want to say 'thanks', there really isn't any instance when sending a thank you isn't appropriate.
  • Sending thank you notes gives every one a warm fuzzy, the person receiving the notes feels appreciated and you feel good for making them happy.
Timing: Follow Protocol (Within Reason)
  • The official "rules" say you have three days, but it's probably more realistic to send the note within a week. The sooner you send the note the easier it will be to write, you can easily remember the event and will have more to write about.  If, for whatever reason, you can't send the note within a week, send it as soon as possible - better late than never.
What to Write About.... And How!

The main reason for writing a thank you note is to let the person know how much you appreciate their gift, write the way you would thank someone in person, keep the tone fun, casual and personal.  With that in mind try not to start your note with 'thank you for the...'
  • Part One: Instead, open with how appropriate the gift is and how wonderful the gift-giver is: 'You've always understood my decorating style...'
  • Part Two: After the warm welcome, feel free to show appreciation for the gift.  Yes, now is the time to write the words 'Thank you for the...' Where possible write a sentence or two on how the gift will be used.
  • Part Three: To sign off look ahead to the next time when you'll catch up with each other, 'We'd love to have you over for dinner...'
Written by Natalie Sullivan.

I hope you enjoyed our Guest Editor post by Natalie Sullivan. You can visit Natalie's 'Dizzy Ideas Blog' for more helpful and interesting posts like this one. 

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