Monday, May 17, 2010

Portobello Bride Real Wedding - Amy & Dan

I thought this wedding was a perfect way to start the week. It's bright, happy and full of fun. 
I know I have written a lot on this feature, but I just LOVE it. I couldn't leave out any of this gorgeous couples wedding story.

Hailey Barthomlew of You can't be serious! the newest member of Portobello Bride's Boutique Wedding Guide  captured Amy and Dan's relaxed wedding with her signature style of creative and emotive imagery, in other words really awesome photography! 
Amy and Dan met whilst backpacking in London. They quickly knew the direction they wanted their life to go in. Welcoming their little boy Jack into the world in October 2008. It wasn't long after that Amy received a romantic "it's in the glove box proposal". Dan knew Amy would be on to him if there were any romantic plans made, so he thought by popping the ring in the glove box and asking "babe can you get the street directory out of the glove box" was the perfect solution. How cute is that?  
The couple decided to have some fun shots taken before the wedding, Hailey choosing an old dilapidated skate rink as the back drop. I love the colours and the props and of course Amy's stunning smile. How happy and relaxed they are! I love it. 

It was really important to Amy and Dan that their wedding suit their style perfectly, nothing formal with a feeling that any thing goes. How very 'Portobello Bride!'

They chose a relaxed venue in the Sassafras Cafe in Paddington, Brisbane. With its eclectic mix of furniture, nic knacks and warmth the old weatherboard cottage created the perfect setting.  Special handmade touches decorated the venue, from jam jars as candle holders tied with white grosgrain ribbons and a myriad of glass vases collected from various second hand stores were filled with white florals. The vases had tags woven through white satin ribbon with their names and wedding date on them. To keep the children amused through out the celebrations they were given their own gift bags filled with toys and crayons leaving the mums and dads to party on!
I think by far my favourite detail is how the ceremony took place. 
"We had a very relaxed "party" style  wedding so we were lucky enough to mingle with our guests before the ceremony, sharing nerves and laughs and of course a few drinks. When our song 'Sweet Disposition' by The Temper Trap came on Dan and I shared a secret look as no one else knew that this signaled the beginning of our life as a married couple. Our amazingly warm celebrant Justine Wells gathered our guests and they all looked on as we shared our personalised vows with each other. It was a short and sweet ceremony filled with lots of huge smiles and laughter leaving as much time as possible to spend with all our amazing friends and family." 
Amy and Dan decided not to have a bridal party as they wanted every one to have fun, and  be part of the party. The dress code was relaxed, as Amy put it, "after all the bride was wearing a white satin strapless mini dress!" 
From the moments captured by You can't be serious! it looks as though a fabulous night was had by all. As Amy wrote "We were able to have a day full of face splitting smiles and laughter because we chose a style of wedding which fitted us perfectly." What more could you ask for!
A photo booth was set up by You can't be serious! giving the guests an opportunity to pass on a message written on a blackboard which was then used in their photos. Amy and Dan loved this heartwarming touch, which personalised their wedding photos ensuring they have a photographic record of all the warmth ad laughter felt on the day.  
And my absolute favourite photo of the day...
To Amy, Dan and Jack thank you for sharing your sweet wedding day with us, and Hailey from You can't be serious! thank you for sharing your amazing photography. 

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  1. What a fun and vibrant wedding!
    Love the photobooth idea with the blackboard.